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Gabriela D’Souza is an economist based in Melbourne. She has years of experience in public policy having worked at some of Australia's most well-known and respected public policy think tanks and economics research centres.

She has conducted research on public policy issues like education, immigration, multidimensional disadvantage, and areas based measures of exclusion.


Gabriela is currently a Senior Economist at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia where she predominantly conducts research on immigration policy in Australia.

Gabriela has a masters degree in economics from Monash University. During the course of her degree she published two research papers. Her first paper analysed Australia's most recent cohort of migrants and chronicled their economic success. Her second paper used ATO longitudinal tax file data  (aLife) to identify the impact of easier access to higher education on the wage premium. 

She writes on issues such as immigration, housing and labour market issues, and education. She has presented her research at conferences and seminars and appeared on panels.

She has appeared in media to talk about public policy issues of the day –on Pidgin Politics, a podcast on Australian politics and policy, and has appeared on ABC documentary Corey White’s Roadmap to Paradise.


She has a passion for data and believes strongly in the effect that good analysis and convincing stories can have on public policy.

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